The Premium Quality Amethyst Facial Roller


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The Premium Quality Amethyst Facial Roller
The Premium Quality Amethyst Facial Roller


Facial rolling has been a beauty ritual in Ancient China since the 7th century. It is an incredible tool for relaxing and de-stressing. The Premium Quality Natural Amethyst Facial Roller helps firm the skin through gentle massage and aids in supporting the lymphatic system (the body's main major detoxification system). Made with 100% genuine premium amethyst stone. Unlike other facial rollers, it is welded (not glued) to the stainless-steel holders, for a stronger hold and smoother rolling without any squeaking. Our purple stone facial massager can be used to enhance anti-aging benefits and is safe and effective for all skin colors & types. 

Deep and light purple tones with white; rose-gold hardware. Due to the natural stone, color may vary.


  • Reducing puffiness
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Relaxing your face
  • Promoting blood circulation


After cleaning and toning your skin, apply a few drops of your favorite serums, beauty oils or other skincare products to promote nutrients absorption and easier gliding. Roll the facial massager in an up and out motion starting from the neck toward the forehead or from the nose to the ears. The smaller roller is used for the eye area, while the larger end is for the neck, face, arms, etc.

The stones are naturally cold, however, for an extra soothing and cooling experience, place the Natural Jade Facial Roller in the refrigerator. DO NOT FREEZE!

The Premium Quality Amethyst Facial Roller
The Premium Quality Amethyst Facial Roller

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